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The Port Washington Fire Department is committed to protecting the lives and property of our citizens and visitors from the adverse effects of fire, medical emergencies, or the exposure to dangerous conditions. The Port Washington Fire Department strives to be a department where genuine commitment to quality is clearly shown in our product, our work environment, and our customer. Since 1852, our values of honesty, integrity, and trust have been the cornerstone of our department that we extend to our community, and our personnel.



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The Port Washington Fire Department was established in 1852 by a handful of volunteers following a series of disastrous fires.   Although the equipment, methodology, and training has changed over the last 170 years, the one thing that remains constant is the dedication of the department’s membership.  Through their pride, courage, honor, and civic involvement, the members of the Port Washington Fire Department continue to offer the very best in emergency services to those who live in and visit the community. 

The current Port Washington Fire Department consists of nearly 50 members, five of which are full-time employees.  Two full-time chief officers provide administrative and operational direction.  Three full-time firefighter/paramedics work a 24-hour rotating shift, providing half the needed personnel to staff an ALS ambulance.  Additional EMS responders traditionally work either in a paid-on-call (receive variable compensation when responding from home) or paid-on-premise (receive fixed compensation when staffed in the station) capacity.

The Port Washington Fire Department is truly an “all-hazards” organization.  It responds to more than 1,800 calls for service per year, including medical emergencies, fires, technical rescues, water rescues, and hazardous material responses within the City and surrounding communities.  In addition to emergency response services, the department provides fire prevention, inspections, emergency management services, and public education.

Over the years, the Port Washington Fire Department has developed many specialized response teams to handle the unpredictable nature of emergency services.  The Dive and Surface Water Rescue teams respond to aquatic emergencies in Lake Michigan and other local waterways.  The Rope Rescue team is specially equipped to manage technical rescue incidents.  The department's Rescue Task Force was formed to operate in active-threat environments.  All of these programs require additional training beyond the inital firefighter certification program.  

Please visit the recruitment page to see how you can best help your community!

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