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The Port Washington Fire Department was established in 1852 with a handful of dedicated citizens to provide the City of Port Washington with a fire service.  Although the equipment, methodology, and training has changed one very important part of this equation has remained--ITS MEMBERSHIP. Through their pride, courage, honor, and community involvement the members of the Port Washington Fire Department continue to offer the very best in providing citizens with and tourists with the safest possible city to live in or visit.


Firefighters begin by obtaining a Firefighter I certification through local technical college training.  The twelve-week course outlines the basics of firefighting tactics, self-contained breathing apparatus, ground ladders, safety, etc.  This class is followed by four weeks of certification prep to prepare the students for their final state exams.  Further education is available and encouraged to enhance the individual's skill level.  Being a member of the Port Washington Fire Department should be considered more than a part-time job, although all members are paid for fire calls and practices.  It is also a commitment to serving the City of Port Washington and the surrounding communities.


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