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Port Washington Fire Department Emergency Medical Technicians/Paramedics have been providing  pre-hospital care since 1949 to Port Washington and surrounding areas.  Three department ambulances are available for the 24-7 responses.  Members are reimbursed on an on-call basis based on level of training.  The Port Washington Fire Department Emergency Medical Service provide three levels of pre-hospital emergency care.  The EMT-Basic level requires the completion of a six month course (approximately 8 hours per week) through local technical colleges.  The EMT-Intermediate Technician, requires an additional three month course with a 30 hour critical care clinical rotation.  The EMT-Paramedic level requires an additional year of specialized training, and provides the highest available level of pre-hospital medicine.  Mandatory refresher courses are offered every two years, in addition to monthly practices at the fire department.


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